ESTA (European String Teachers Association) is a non-governmental organisation enjoying consultative status with the Council of Europe. In 1972 a small group of eminent string

teachers (Marianne Kroemer, Max Rostal and Yehudi Menuhin), founded ESTA to promote

the highest standards in teaching and to enable the sharing of ideas among string teachers and players of all distinctions throughout Europe. ESTA is an umbrella organisation of over

32 national branches involving more than 5000 individual teachers of violin, viola, cello and double bass.

The core aims of ESTA are:

  • To promote the highest artistic and pedagogic standards in string teaching.

  • To promote lifelong learning of string instruments.

  • To encourage study and research into all phases of string teaching.

  • To provide a forum for the discussion and dissemination of ideas through conferences, workshops, printed material.

  • To promote collaboration among its members and with other organisations.

Activities supporting these aims take place regularly throughout the year at workshops and conferences in the national branches. Additionally there is an International Conference held annually in a different European Country.

About ESTA:

Next International Conference:
16.04. - 20.04.2020 Porto, Portugal


The ESTA-Tatarstan branch was founded in 2012 in Kazan on the initiative and under the guidance of the laureate of international competitions and performer on viola Ramil Sadriev.
With the participation of ESTA-Tatarstan, competitions, festivals, concerts, selections for participation in European projects on grants, methodical seminars, conferences, master classes and other events are held.
The largest project ESTA-Tatarstan is the 45th International Conference of the European Association of String Instrument Teachers, which was held for the first time in Russia in Kazan from May 26 to 30, 2017 (video report).
The 45th ESTA Conference was supported by the President of the Republic of Tatarstan. It was attended by 91 foreign participants from 20 countries of Europe and the United States and 95 participants from 12 regions of the Russian Federation.
The total scope of the project is more than 1000 people.

Currently, the main project of ESTA-Tatarstan is the Nobilis string ensemble.

ESTA-Tatarstan events in 2019:


January 8th

Youth Festival of Classical Music “Music Around Us”: concert of the Nobilis Ensemble,

soloists - Z.Fakhraziev, S.Emelyanov, N.Shestopalova, I.Lapteva, D.Fischenko
(Exhibition Hall "Manege" - Kazan Kremlin)


February 2nd

“To the music of Vivaldi”: concert of the Nobilis Ensemble,

soloists - S.Emelyanov, N.Shestopalova, M.Nagornov, I.Lapteva, D.Fishchenko
(TUKAI-hall in the hotel “NOGAI”)


February 17th

III All-Russian festival-competition "Ursal Tauda" named after Rais Nagimov (Almetyevsk, Tatarstan).

Chairman of the jury - the head of the ESTA-Tatarstan Ramil Sadriev

February 27th

International project "Nobilis Ensemble and friends": concert of the Nobilis Ensemble,

soloists - S. Tovstukha (Spain), D. Amadio (Italy), S.Emelyanov, N.Shestopalova, I.Lapteva
(TUKAI-hall in the hotel “NOGAI”)


February 28th

International project "Nobilis Ensemble and friends": D.Amadio (Italy)  master classes in baroque music
10.00-15.00 with students and students of musical schools of Kazan

(Children's Center "Ekiat" - Children's Art School named after M.A. Balakirev)
18.00-20.00 with the ensemble "Nobilis"

(Institute of additional professional education)

March 17th

Republican competition of chamber ensembles "Camer Ans" (Izhevsk, Udmurtia)
Chairman of the jury - head of ESTA-Tatarstan Ramil Sadriev

March 30th

The project “Nobilis. Children ”: concert of the ensemble“ Nobilis ”,
Soloists - students of music schools in Kazan
(TUKAI-hall in the hotel “NOGAI”)

April 26th - May 1st

47th ESTA International Conference (Cremona, Italy)
Participation of ESTA-Tatarstan representatives

May 18 th

“Favorites”: closing of the concert season of the ensemble “Nobilis”,

soloists - S.Emelyanov, N.Shestopalova, D.Fishchenko
(TUKAI-hall in the hotel “NOGAI”)

May 18 th

IV Republican festival-competition of musical art “GOLDEN KAMERTON” (Kazan)

Chairman of the jury - head of ESTA-Tatarstan Ramil Sadriev

November 3rd

Opening of the concert season of the ensemble "Nobilis", a concert dedicated to the Year of Music of Great Britain in Russia
(TUKAI-hall in the hotel “NOGAI”)

December 6th

Republican scientific-practical seminar "Genre variety of instrumental and vocal classical music in the repertoire of a student of a children's art school" (Naberezhnye Chelny)

Report and master classes by the head of ESTA-Tatarstan Ramil Sadriev

December 20th

"Christmas with NOBILIS" concert of the quartet of soloists of the ensemble Nobilis consisting of:

S. Emelyanov, A. Lapteva, R. Sadriev, I. Lapteva

(TUKAI-hall in the hotel “NOGAI”)

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