Within the framework of the International project "Ensemble "Nobilis" and friends"

the Russian premiere will take place. On the eve of the international women's holiday, the Ensemble "NOBILIS" presents its listeners with an excellent musical program from the works of the modern Spanish composer Carles Cases.

Carles Cases (Spain)

Modern composer, conductor, pianist, cellist. 25 years of creativity devoted to music for films, composed and recorded about 80 sound tracks for Spanish, French and American films. Goya and Gaudi Prize Laureate.

The music of Carles Cases will be performed by a joint international sextet consisting of:

Carles Cases Band (Spain)

Alberto Reguera (violin)

Carles Cases (piano)

Svetlana Tovstukha (cello)

and soloists of the ensemble

"Nobilis" (Tatarstan)

People's Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan,

ensemble artistic director

Sergey Emelyanov (violin)

Laureates of international competitions:

Valeria Liganova (viola), Camille Volkov (double bass)

Concert venue — TUKAI-hall in the hotel “NOGAI” (Kazan)
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